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Environmental Sanitation:

 - Vacuum areas where infested head has come into 

    contact in the previous 24 hours (furniture, car

    seats, etc.)

 - Strip all bedding and dry for 45 min. HIGH heat

 - Launder all recently used towels

-  Coats, hats, shirts, PJs, etc. used by infested

   individual the previous 24 hours should be machine  

   dried on HIGH heat for 45 minutes (or placed in

   plastic bag and frozen for 2 hours)

 - Stuffed animals should be machine dried on

   HIGH heat for 30 minutes or placed in a plastic bag

   and frozen for 2 hours

 - Sanitize/vacuum shared headphones or helmets

 - Sanitize brushes and combs by removing all

   loose hair and either freeze in plastic bag

   for 2 hours or run through sanitize cycle in   


NOTE:  If unable to launder items, place contaminated items in another area away from others for 24 hours.

Do NOT spray or fog your home with insecticides or pediculicides !

To Avoid Lice Transmission:

- Teach your children not to share head gear, hair brushes,

         pillows, or hair ornaments 

- Have kids store all head gear in separate area from others

- Braid, bun or ponytail your child's hair before going out to play

- Spray hair with Mint Repellant before going out to play (lice

  hate mint spray)!

Pets do NOT transmit head lice!

More info on lice prevention:

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