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  • Minimum home visit fee:  $75.00

  • $20 per 15 minute treatment (average treatment 90 minutes)

  • Head checks: Free

  • Travel (additional fees may apply)

  • FREE head lice advice

  • FREE rechecks following a hair lice treatment.

  • Available 7 days/week, 8am-8pm


Payment is due upon services rendered.  We accept payment via cash and credit card*.  Insurance is not accepted, however you may contact your insurance company to see if lice removal services are covered under your policy.  We will provide you an invoice you can give to your insurance company; A Lice Thing To Do LLC would be considered an out-of network provider. Some FSA/HSA accounts do cover head lice removal.

*please note that should a credit card number need to be entered manually, there will be a slightly higher % fee added to the total.


Some health insurance policies will pay for lice treatment and removal.  We will provide you the information you need to request health insurance reimbursement.  Our service is also covered by most FSA/HSA plans. We do not accept FSA/HSA debit cards.


Our service is guaranteed for 30 days post-treatment for any individual treated when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Post-treatment head check appointment is scheduled and adhered to (must be within 2-7 days of the treatment) and

  2. Every person living with the treated individual is also head checked by us, and if additional cases are identified, we treat the affected individual(s), and

  3. Proactive preventive guidelines (provided to you at the end of a treatment) are followed on an ongoing basis including, but not limited to, nit combing of wet hair every day with the comb we utilized for treatment.

  4. Evidence of the existence of new head lice is photographed and texted to us for inspection before coming to your home.

  5. PLEASE:  If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisifed with our service you will contact us! 


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Successful lice treatment and removal requires your active participation after the initial treatment!

After the Lice Specialist performs a treatment, she will provide education concerning linen washing, vacuuming, hair brush cleaning, car cleaning, etc.  An effective eradication will still require daily combing out of your hair and the use of our pesticide-free recommended anti-lice shampoo (for severe infestations) until the FREE post-treatment screening. This is important to ensure that all the lice are removed from the hair.  It will also make you aware sooner, rather than later, that someone is still "sharing" their lice and resurrecting an infestation!  Our guarantee covers all of the 30 days post-treatment.  Our outstanding client service insures you are 100% satisfied with our service. 


"What should we do until our appointment"?

The first thing - STAY CALM!  Next, you will need to wash all recently worn clothes and bedding. Place each bedspread, sheet, blanket and pillowcase in your dryer for at least 30-45 minutes on a HIGH HEAT setting (longer if your dryer is very full). Seal all non-washable items in garbage bags for at least 24 hours. Help is around the corner!

Manual removal of all of the lice and nits is critical for a successful lice treatment. After your first lice removal treatment, you will be 99.9% eradicated or in other words - free of lice. It is not uncommon to find a nit the day after your appointment (we recheck your hair for FREE twice, post treatment, to insure ALL nits are removed).   Lice and nits are very small in size and the success in the combing depends on various factors such as the hair thickness, length of the hair, condition of the hair, and degree of infestation. Due to these factors, even the most qualified lice treatment and removal specialist can miss a nit. Furthermore, lice and nits that exist on the clothing, bedding, furniture and other personal items can re-infest a person. Re-infestation can also happen by contact with other infected family members and close friends. It is my job to show you how to follow up on your own and eliminate the need for additional treatments after two FREE rechecks.

The number of hours it will take to complete the removal process cannot be determined in advance. The length, thickness, and level of infestation dictates how long a treatment will take. The combing and expelling of lice and nits is a mechanical, labor intensive process and cannot be rushed.

Together we will get rid of the lice. A Lice Thing To Do is here to help you!

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