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Spokane lice treatment & removal

Why use a mobile lice treatment and removal service?

We provide a confidential, convenient service in your home which accommodates your busy schedule!  You are able to go on with your life while we fix the problem.  Your children will be least overwhelmed in the comfort of your home.  A treatment will only be performed if evidence has been found and shown to you first.   (You will then know what to look for if you ever need to identify lice and their eggs in the future). 



We carry a complete line of safe and effective products for those looking for prevention products, as well as home treatment options.  For fast and thorough results we suggest allowing a certified Lice Removal Specialist to properly treat and remove all of the lice and eggs (nits). 


In home lice & nit removal

In home lice education

Preventive head lice screenings

Outbreak screenings

Free telephone lice advice

Non-toxic products for purchase

Head Lice School Clearance


Special resources for schools and 


      - FREE head lice screenings*

      - FREE cost camp screenings*

      - Educational presentations


* Specific requirements for complimentary services







Head Lice Clearance Certificates are provided to children who need to be cleared of head lice prior to returning to daycare, school or camp.  It advises the daycare manager, school nurse or administration that the child/children have been properly treated for lice and eggs (nits) removed and the child is safe to return without the risk of spreading head lice to other children.



Trust is a big deal to you and we understand that.  We will treat your family and your wallet as if they were our own.  We will provide you the peace of mind that comes from the scientific research and methods we employ for lice treatment and nit removal in the form of outstanding client service.


In preparation for a hair lice check or hair lice treatment and removal, we ask that you shampoo and detangle the hair prior to your scheduled appointment (hair must be dry when we arrive). It would also be helpful if you have a TV or laptop nearby for your child's entertainment.  We will bring some DVDs for your child to watch as well.  A Lice Removal Specialist will arrive at your home armed with all of the tools necessary to solve your lice problems.  

We recommend every person in the home, or anyone who has had physical contact with the infested person, be inspected for the presence of head lice or eggs and be treated, if necessary. 

We will apply all natural, non-toxic and organic products (recommended by the Shepherd Institute at Lice Solutions) to facilitate the removal of both live lice and eggs.  For each infested person, the Lice Removal Specialist will separate the hair into small sections and, using our special lice comb, inspect each hair strand and the scalp for live lice and their eggs.  The Lice Removal Specialist will then manually remove the lice and eggs strand by strand using a special magnified, lighted headset to ensure thorough removal of all eggs (eggs are "cemented" to hair strands and cannot be killed by any product - they must be manually removed from the hair to prevent their hatching and resurrecting the infestation).  This meticulous combing procedure usually takes between 30 minutes to

4.5 hours, depending upon the level of infestation, and both the thickness and length of the hair.  Every treatment is followed up with two FREE post-treatment head checks.

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