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We use only safe and effective products for lice treatment and removal as recommended by The Shepherd Institute of Lice Solutions.  These products have been thoroughly researched for safety and effectiveness (  We will NOT expose you to potentially harmful pesticides. You will never be sold unnecessary products.  Potentially beneficial products can be discussed at the time of treatment.  

Potential Dangers of Some Over the Counter Lice Treatment Products

Ongoing research is taking place addressing the concerns about children's exposure to over the counter lice treatment products containing pesticides.  Our company does not use any of the organophosphate pesticides (Rid, Nix, etc.) mentioned in the following article which discusses the potential link between ADHD and organophosphate exposure. 

(Academy of Pediatrics, June 2010, "ADHD/Hyperactivities Disorder and Urinary Metabolites of Organophosphate Pesticides")

Refer to our July 2016 blog post for more information on doctor prescribed lice treatment products. 

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