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Joan Berkowitz
Joan Berkowitz

Joan is a former pediatric health care professional passionate about helping others. She knows firsthand the challenges of eradicating lice!

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Joan is a professionally trained and certified Lice Removal Specialist from the non-profit treatment/training facility at The Shepherd Institute of Lice Solutions: (

See the KHQ Channel 6 story on the Shepherd Institute:

Joan genuinely cares about your family's welfare and is passionate about providing help when you need it most.  Having learned firsthand how difficult it is to eradicate head lice, Joan wants to share everything she has learned from her own experiences as well as the professional hands-on EXPERT guidance she learned from the non-profit training/treatment facility at The Shepherd Institute for Lice Solutions.  Prior to treating her own family's infestation, Joan discovered there is far too much conflicting information for parents to digest on the internet.  She took it upon herself to avoid treating her family with over-the-counter and doctor prescribed medications (insecticides and pesticides which the body absorbs transdermally and never releases).  Joan has learned the latest information on head lice eradication from one of the top lice experts in the industry.  She is very willing to share her knowledge with anyone who contacts her requesting guidance in eradicating hair lice. 


Prior to starting her own lice treatment and removal business, Joan worked in a pediatric health care clinic.  

When not providing first class service to her clients, Joan donates her time and skills to local non-profit organizations providing lice education and free services to the under-privileged in our community.

There is a corner of the world that only each of us can fix.  Each of us must find that corner.   Then we apply our unique energies, imagination and intelligence, and thus bring wholeness and healing.  In that direction, each of us will find the meaning in our life.

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